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Research technician Job Skills

Research Technician Job Overview A job as a research technician is a detail-oriented position, and one that needs ...

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Research Technician Job Overview

A job as a research technician is a detail-oriented position, and one that needs strong mathematics skills. In this type of career, you assist scientists with practical tasks, and are often expected to know about several types of specialty equipment. Other duties might include:

  • Doing experiments and recording results
  • Looking at substances to determine their characteristics
  • Maintaining quality control
  • Operating specialty lab and computer equipment

Before progressing into this role, you may start by being a lab assistant. If you find you like the work, you could eventually enter other research jobs that call for even more responsibility.

Research Technician Job Education Requirements

To become a research technician, it is usually necessary to complete a university-level program that lasts for two to three years and relates to a subject such as chemical or mechanical engineering technology, or biochemical technology. To help yourself stand out as a great candidate for research technician jobs, it is possible to get a national certification through the Canadian Society for Chemical Technology. To receive the certification, you must go through supervised work experience. It usually lasts two years.

Research Technician Job Market

Despite the retirement rate for research technicians being consistent with the average rate, most job openings from now through 2020 will come about when people retire from the industry. However, analysts say the number of job seekers will be greater than the number of open positions, which may make it hard to secure work, especially if you are not already in the field. Deciding to get a national certification, as described in the previous section, is a good way to boost your candidacy.

Research Technician Job Salary Information

The average salary for Canadian research technician jobs is C$23/hour. That average wage is slightly higher in British Columbia, and lower in Ontario. The exact amount you earn depends on many factors, such as the amount of job market competition in your province, and how much experience you have.

If you are a person who thrives on studying and recording the precise details of a project, a career as a research technician could let you put that talent to good use and make a decent income, too.

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