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Courtenay - Seasonal Retail Positions

Best Buy Canada

Vancouver, BC

Warehouse Associate

Seaspan ULC

North Vancouver, BC

Area Manager

Irving Shipbuilding Inc.

Halifax, NS

Warehouse Associate

DHL Express

Hamilton/St.Catherines, ON

Beauty Sales Associate

Modern Beauty Supplies

Langley, BC

Full Time Store Manager

Modern Beauty Supplies

North Vancouver, BC

Client Success Manager

Scout Talent

$50000 - $70000 / Per Year

Vancouver, BC

Assistant Manager


Toronto, ON

Sales Associate Part Time

The Home Depot Canada

Saskatoon, SK

Retail Jobs Overview

Retail stores offer consumers an opportunity to shop their favorite brands, products, bargains, and they rely on retail workers to assist customers in finding the items they need, solve common problems, and provide an excellent experience. Retail jobs don’t necessarily require degrees, but they do require customer service and sales skills.

Sales, customer service, and management are common retail jobs. As a retail worker, you will welcome customers, assist them, suggest merchandise, answer questions, cash them out, accept payments, and provide information about special sales and promotions. Additionally, you may also provide employee training, set schedules, manage teams, and open stores. Want to increase your search for sales jobs? Try applying to these related positions:

Retail Worker Training Skills

There is no formal education or training required for entry-level retail jobs. As an associate, you will receive on-the-job training as soon as you are hired. Training normally takes two to three weeks depending on the store. Most retail management roles require an associate or bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, marketing, or a related field. Nevertheless, candidates with a high school diploma and/or certificate in retail management from an accredited college may be able to earn a management position without a degree. Employers in the retail sector typically seek candidates with the following competencies and qualities:

  • excellent customer service skills and responsiveness
  • good communication
  • product and item knowledge or the willingness to learn
  • organization skills
  • the capability to solve problems
  • sales-oriented skill set
  • the ability to lead and manage

Update Your Retail Worker Resume

For some retail jobs, you can apply online through Monster rather than submit a resume, which is usually required for management and other advanced positions. Regardless of what position you are applying for, it is always a good idea to have a professional resume on hand to give to potential employers. Your resume should be well-written, neat, and easy to follow. You can use Monster’s resume samples for retail clerks and sales associates to figure out how your resume should be written and formatted.

A well-written cover letter can also make you more attractive to employers and increase your chances of getting the job. Not sure where to start? We can help. You can use our cover letter samples as a guide when writing your own cover letter.

Interviewing for a Retail Job

Do you have an upcoming retail job interview? Let Monster help you prepare. The questions you are asked will depend on the position you are applying for, but don’t worry, Monster offers sample interview questions that you can review. Examples of common interviews questions for retail positions include:

  • How would you define good customer service?
  • Have you previously worked in retail?
  • In your opinion, what makes you an ideal candidate for this position?
  • What are your primary strengths and weaknesses?

How Much Do Retail Jobs Pay?

Knowing your earning potential is a good idea before applying. Your salary will depend on your years of experience and the location in which you work. A retail sales associate in Toronto earns a median of $17.05 per hour and a median of $15.83 per hour in Saskatoon. Check your estimated salary with Monster’s Salary Tools by entering your job title and location. In addition, you will find out what the median salaries are for related jobs.

Want to Learn More About a Company You are Interested In?

Knowing more about a prospective company can help you decide whether to accept a job offer or not. Monster’s company profiles provide you with details including:

  • company headquarters
  • number of employees
  • photos and videos to give you an idea of the company’s culture

Start Your Search for Retail Jobs

There are many retail positions available right here. But before you apply, you should create your Monster profile. It’s free to join. We can match you with the right retail jobs and send you updates on newly posted jobs.