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Sales Career Information

Sales Job Overview The sales sector is one of the most pivotal driving forces behind the Canadian economy. Involved ...

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Sales Job Overview

The sales sector is one of the most pivotal driving forces behind the Canadian economy. Involved with the promotion of goods and services, sales is the foundation of economic success on an unimaginable scale. Of course, this industry is as varied as it is essential. Commercial sales can be responsible for billions of dollars of revenue each year while private businesses make just as much use out of this skilled trade. So, it is no surprise that even when the economy slows, sales is one of the fields to be least affected (from a broad scale).

Sales Job Education Requirements

Many will begin a career in sales as entry-level applicants; that is, they will learn the basics of being a sales representative as they progress. Nonetheless, one of the most important qualifications is the ability to work in a fast-paced and competitive environment. Meeting deadlines, appreciating financial pipelines and addressing customer requirements are mandatory. Modern times also dictate that a knowledge of computers is desirable (if not necessary) with many companies. In particular, a familiarity with CRM (customer relations management) software is a formidable trait to possess. While new entries may only need to possess a high school degree, those applying for the position of sales manager or supervisor will generally require a four-year degree combined with prior industry experience.

Sales Job Market

Canada has experienced a boom in the service and manufacturing sectors during the past two years. Therefore, the ability to market these goods and services to the relevant markets has increased the demand for a trained sales force. However, many are observing that the influx of new applicants dictates that a greater number of credentials may be needed to secure a position.

Sales Job Salary Information

As of 2014, a Canadian sales associate can expect to earn a base salary of between $9.90 dollars and $15.34 dollars per hour. However, note that yearly commissions of up to $25,623 are possible in high-end markets. This equates to a total annual pay of between $20,840 dollars and $51,312 dollars.

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