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Sales representative Job Skills

Sales Representative Job Overview Employees working in sales representative jobs are responsible for brokering the ...

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Sales Representative Job Overview

Employees working in sales representative jobs are responsible for brokering the sale, rental or lease of products to customers. They are frequently employed by stores, wholesale businesses or other retail industries. Although responsibilities can vary from employer to employer, most sales representatives are expected to assist customers in the process of selecting and purchasing the products. This may include advising consumers about the proper care of the merchandise, maintaining sales and inventory records and preparing merchandise for purchase.

Sales clerks may also have to learn how to manage leasing contracts, conduct sales through internet based commerce and process payments in a multitude of forms, including cash, credit and debit payments. Working as a sales representative may require an employee to be able to quote potential costs, explain warranty terms and schedule delivery dates.

Sales Representative Job Education Requirements

The educational requirements for sales representative jobs can vary greatly from employer to employer. Some employers may require applicants to have completed high schooling. A bachelor's degree in a relevant field can give applicants an advantage over other job seekers. Potential sales representatives should also demonstrate product knowledge and strong people skills. Product knowledge is particularly important for salespersons who sell specialized or complex merchandise, like antiques, technological devices or large machinery. Employers will often require on-the-job training for new employees to educate them about product specifications and company policies.

Sales Representative Job Market

In 2012, over 428,000 workers were employed in sales representative positions, and 81 percent of those employees worked in the retail industry or in customer service. During the 2011-2020 period, there is expected to be significant growth in the number of job openings in the retail industry, and many of these opening will be the result of retirements. While expansion demand is not expected to exceed replacement demand, retail industry expansion will provide some job openings.

Sales Representative Job Salary Information

In 2014, sales representatives earned an average hourly wage of about C$11.00 and the national average was C$31,000 annually. Salaries, however, were varied greatly based on experience and location. Sales representatives in Edmonton made 7 percent less than the median wage, while sales representatives in Montreal earned 12 percent more than the national average. Job experience also had an effect on the average compensation of sales representatives. Entry-level sales positions paid an average of C$21,000 annually, while salesmen with over 10 years' experience made often made over C$40,000. The highest paid sales representative made over C$58,000.

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