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Security Career Information

Security Job Overview There are many roles, both indoors and outdoors, in the security sector, with varying levels of ...

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Security Job Overview

There are many roles, both indoors and outdoors, in the security sector, with varying levels of entry point for suitable applicants. As part of a larger team, or working on individual initiative, there is a security job to suit almost everyone, whether in isolation or dealing with the public. A career move into this sector will provide plenty of scope, with some option including safety dispatcher jobs, airport security and even criminal investigation. Male and female security personnel ensure the safety of premises and the public in many establishments from small businesses and public corporations, to casinos, concerts and special events with public interface. Both full-time and part-time work, often on a shift basis, make a career in security very appealing as workers can fit their schedule around home commitments. Those with an eye for detail may choose to work with CCTV operations or similar surveillance equipment. Work in this sector offers a rich variety of responsibilities, and oftentimes call for the worker to wear a set uniform. Confidentiality is a crucial requirement from any candidate, as sensitive information such as key codes for exit and entry numbers or privacy issues often accompany security jobs.

Security Job Education Requirements

Good communications skills, both written and oral, are essential for recording and conveying information. Applicants, with a high school diploma or equivalent, need to be 18 years of age at entry level because of the nature of the position. Security guards require a license from the regulator IIROC. Undergraduate degrees in an associated discipline are viewed favorably though many companies will provide on the job training. For some positions, a driving license is vital.

Security Job Market

This growing sector offers work day or night to accommodate clients' requirements. Statistics report the industry annually recruits approximately 20,000 new personnel. From work in a book store right through to cyber safety there is a wealth of choice.

Security Job Salary Information

Entry level pay is around $12 per hour but larger salaries are available for experienced staff.

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