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Security officer Job Skills

Security Officer Job Overview A career as a security officer or security guard, like most law enforcement jobs , can ...

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Security Officer Job Overview

A career as a security officer or security guard, like most law enforcement jobs, can be rewarding and exciting with plenty of room for growth and an ongoing demand for guard services to protect people, property and information. Security officer jobs offer a wide array of environments to work in, including industrial, commercial, and private properties as a security guard, bodyguard or armed guard.

This type of career can also include career opportunities as a private investigator or security officer for a retail or corporate setting. Security officer jobs even include bouncers for clubs.

Security Officer Job Education Requirements

Minimal education is required for most security officer jobs. However, a high school diploma and some post-secondary education, including technical or vocational training, is usually necessary.

Having a security guard license is important as it ensures businesses and individuals that there is a level of tactical knowledge and skill to ensure safety and security. In Canada, there are specific regulations that govern all types of security activities and require that security officers be fully licensed. For example, in Ontario, the regulations state that a security guard must complete 40 hours of training and pass a written exam.

To assist in getting licensed, most provinces offer training courses from accredited organizations. The training programs primarily involve classroom courses that follow specific requirements sanctioned by the Canadian Government. Those that may have security-related or police foundation education are often priority candidates.

Other recommendations for security officer jobs include having a First Aid and CPR Certificates. Prior to employment, many organizations now require a drug test as well for a security officer position.

Security Officer Job Market

The demand for security officers is growing throughout Canada as more businesses and individuals are concerned about outside threats to property and themselves. These threats now include terrorist and criminal activity, as well as internal threats from employees who may steal or harm the organization in some way. Those candidates that have critical thinking, risk assessment, observation, communication and tactical skills often succeed in a security officer career.

Security Officer Job Salary Information

The hourly rate for security officer jobs varies greatly, depending on the type of environment, set of responsibilities and experience. The average hourly rates for a security officer range from C$11.75 to C$20.06. Some specific corporate security officer jobs may garner a higher hourly rate but often involve a greater level of education and experience, including some post-secondary education or a university degree.

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