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Server Job Skills

Server Job Overview Working in server jobs is a great way to get established in the food service industry and decide ...

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Server Job Overview

Working in server jobs is a great way to get established in the food service industry and decide whether to pursue a career in the hospitality field that requires specialty training. Also, because it is often possible to work as a server on a full- or part-time basis, many people depend on this type of income for support while they finish school or try to get established in a line of work that more closely matches their long-term aspirations. Server and wait staff jobs usually require people to do things such as:

  • Accurately take down customer orders and give them to members of the kitchen staff
  • Be able to answer questions and make recommendations about menu items
  • Present prepared foods and beverages to guests
  • Bring bills to guests' tables and accept payment for meals

After building up experience as a server, it may be possible for you to transition into other roles, such as by being a wine steward that orders wine for a restaurant and makes recommendations to guests about which kinds to pair with certain dishes, or by taking a restaurant general manager role.

Server Job Education Requirements

Some server jobs may require you to complete high school. If accepting a role as a server in a formal environment, your employer may ask you to take part in an apprenticeship program that lasts for one to two years, or enrol in university-level courses that teach the principles of formal serving. Servers in Saskatchewan and British Columbia can receive voluntary trade certification. Finally, because all food service facilities have particular ways of doing things, expect to receive on-the-job training that relates to expectations, menu offerings, and policies.

Server Job Market

Projections through 2020 show industry demand versus the number of potential applicants will be well balanced, and there will be enough job seekers to fill open positions. Increases in consumer spending due to good economic conditions should cause short-term employment growth in the serving industry.

Server Job Salary Information

The average hourly salary for servers in Canada is C$10.35. It's possible to earn more than that by earning tips from customers during shifts.

Although most people do not plan to be servers for the whole time they are in the workforce, individuals who pursue this type of work often find it provides consistent opportunities to earn income, even when only working as a server part-time. If you're ready to get your foot in the door of the food service industry, a server career could be a great start.

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