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Social Work Career Information

Social Work Job Overview Social work is carried out in a wide variety of places, so it is a career that suits many ...

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Social Work Job Overview

Social work is carried out in a wide variety of places, so it is a career that suits many people. For example, social workers might find themselves work in family services agencies, aid agencies, general hospitals and psychiatric wards, school boards. In addition there are field based social workers who could travel between locations for their work and these might include anything from correctional institutions to federal and provincial departments. A regulated profession, social work is legislated for on a provincial level. However, those without social work qualifications can become involved and learn about the work through administrative support roles and careers in care work, where they may be supplying assistance and first-hand experience to social workers in many cases. Many social workers, but by no means all, work part time or job share and it is a sector that is good for flexible working practices.

Social Work Job Education Requirements

Aside from having the emotional maturity and the desire to help others, there are some educational requirements for becoming a social worker. The minimum is a Bachelor's degree in social work, but for clinical social work a Master's is expected. To be able to apply for a Bachelor's degree, many universities require the applicant to have undergone pre-professional studies, which could last up to two years. Letters of recommendation and an own written letter stating the reasons why the applicant is suitable for entering into social work are often needed in addition.

Social Work Job Market

According to official reports, the social work job market is experiencing strong growth and will continue to do so in the near future, as the range of social work has expanded dramatically in the past few years. The demand for social work has risen and the market has adapted to this by offering new services or has increased the intensity of existing services.

Social Work Job Salary Information

Social workers' pay varies across Canada. The average full-time salary for employment in the field is $50,000 per annum. However, those people who are working in the industry whilst gaining their qualifications will have to be prepared for a bit less than this. On the other hand, senior social workers, and those who go on to manage teams can expect to advance their earnings well past this average.

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