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Sports and Leisure Career Information

Sports and Leisure Job Overview The area of sports and leisure will encompass a number of different positions. It is ...

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Sports and Leisure Job Overview

The area of sports and leisure will encompass a number of different positions. It is mainly focused upon the physical instruction, training and guidance of a variety of sports and other activities. Of course, the employment opportunities in this field are numerous and diverse. Some common examples can be a physiotherapist, a personal trainer and even a marketing agent for a sports supply company. Thus, it should come as no surprise that educational qualifications and experience will also vary according to the demands of a certain job.

Sports and Leisure Job Education Requirements

Employment in the sports and leisure sector will generally require some prerequisite educational knowledge. One of the most common areas within this sector is personal training. In this case, a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) degree is required throughout Canada. This can be obtained in one to two years (in most cases). However, more discrete fields such as a gymnastic instructor will entail a four-year degree in physical education. Other specialties such as kinesiology, reflexology, scuba diving and anatomy may also be included. In the majority of instances, a certification in CPR from the Canadian Red Cross will be mandatory. Other skills include knowledge of health and safety, communication skills and the ability to receive ongoing qualifications as may be required.

Sports and Leisure Job Market

Like many first-world countries, Canada has been facing the growing epidemic of obesity during the past decade, and it's for this reason that many analysts point to the fact that the sports and leisure industry - particularly in the sector of health and well-being - will perform quite well. Also, it should be recognized that Canada is famous for many professional sports such as hockey, curling and baseball. So, qualified coaches and other such roles are available, although competition is naturally high.

Sports and Leisure Job Salary Information

Obviously, such a wide field will denote that wages will vary between different positions. According to statistics, a sports instructor will expect to earn approximately thirteen dollars an hour while a general manager at a fitness club can enjoy a median salary of $50,149 each year.

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