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Staff accountant Job Skills

Staff Accountant Job Overview Staff accountant jobs are similar to other accountant jobs . People who hold such ...

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Staff Accountant Job Overview

Staff accountant jobs are similar to other accountant jobs. People who hold such positions help companies stay on top of their finances. Some common staff accountant duties include:

  • Assisting the chief financial officer and senior accountants
  • Oversee purchasing and invoice records, making sure they are accurate and submitted in a timely manner
  • Helping with payroll by doing things such as entering and modifying time data and entering sick days and vacation days into the payroll system
  • Ensuring the company makes all necessary tax payments before a set deadline

Although staff accountants generally occupy entry-level positions, the work they do is vital in helping companies run smoothly and avoiding fees.

Staff Accountant Job Education Requirements

It is possible to qualify for staff accountant jobs without a postsecondary education. However, most employers will not accept experience as a substitute for a college degree. Candidates can make sure they have the best chances of landing a position by obtaining a Vocational Studies Diploma in accounting or a Diploma or College Studies in accounting. More education is likely to pave the way to a higher starting wage for staff accountants.

All potential staff accountants should possess a keen attention to detail and a talent for working with numbers.

Staff Accountant Job Market

Job prospects for staff accountants are good and should continue to be strong in upcoming years. This is because fluctuations in the economy, along with a heavy trend toward computerized accounting systems, open the door for skilled individuals who can help businesses keep up with changing times.

Staff Accountant Job Salary Information

Accountants in Canada generally make between C$17 and C$52 per hour, and the median wage is C$29 per hour. Pay is consummate with experience. Location is also a factor when it comes to how much staff accountants make; the median wage for accountants in Alberta is over C$33 per hour.

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