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Technical Writer Jobs in Ottawa, ON Overview Technical writers working in Ottawa, ON may have very different roles. ...

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Technical Writer Jobs in Ottawa, ON Overview

Technical writers working in Ottawa, ON may have very different roles. The same title is used to describe several different occupations. Technical writers create instruction manuals and explain technical language so that laypersons can understand the content, meaning and impact of the issues at hand. To do this, technical writers will collaborate with programmers, designers and production staff to make sure they understand the subject, as well as write guides explaining their findings.

However, there are other types of technical writers. While they go by the same title, these professionals are in charge of proofreading technical specifications, blueprints and diagrams. Usually found in manufacturing, they are in charge of writing documents as well as preparing or proofing visual representations of those products. Technical writers may also work in explaining other complex subjects like finance, law or medicine. For example, finance writing is sometimes considered a technical writing job.

In either case, those who work in technical writer jobs in Ottawa need to have an advanced degree in their subject of choice and a talent for explaining complex subjects, both in oral and written forms.

Ottawa, ON Technical Writer Job Market

Technical writers in Ottawa are found anywhere that something technical needs to be explained. Usually, this is in computer or engineering fields, but they may have a place in other industries like finance. Most of these professionals work full-time in offices, although the rise of different small and startup technology firms has helped create a freelance market for technical writing. Related jobs include editorial web jobs and technical editor jobs.

Technical Writer Salaries in Ottawa, ON

Technical writers in Ottawa, ON earn C$61,655 per year, on average. Their salaries range roughly between C$40,000 per year and C$83,000 per year. Adding bonuses and other incentives, some technical writers earn more than C$91,000 per year. Pay increases with experience and depth of technical knowledge.

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