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Tig Welding Jobs in Winnipeg, MB Overview Tungsten inert gas welding , also referred to as TIG welding, is another ...

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Tig Welding Jobs in Winnipeg, MB Overview

Tungsten inert gas welding, also referred to as TIG welding, is another way to weld metals together. The more common form of welding is MIG, or metal inert gas, which isn't as specialized. Those who have experience with TIG welding can often qualify for higher pay because it is a more difficult process and there aren't as many people who know how to do it properly. Welding is crucial in the construction of buildings, bridges, auto bodies, and other metal structures because it provides such a strong joint. The welding process uses high levels of heat to melt and join the separate pieces permanently.

Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba and is known as the "Gateway to the West" because it is a strong transportation and railway hub. Because of this, it has a lot of growth and potential for TIG welders.

Tig Welding Job Market in Winnipeg, MB

With the extensive job market in the transportation industry, Winnipeg, MB is a great location for TIG welders who are looking for work. Some of the top employers within the private sector in the area include Boeing Canada Technology and Magellan Aerospace, which provide aircraft design, manufacturing, and repair services. According to statistics from Service Canada, the job market for welding is growing slowly. One factor that plays into this slow growth is the improvement of welding machinery, so welders may also want to learn how to use equipment so they can remain employed as welding machine operators.

Tig Welding Job Salaries in Winnipeg, MB

The salary for TIG welding varies depending on experience, but the average is about C$22.75 per hour, which translates to about C$43,000 per year if working 40 hours a week. Many people who work in this field, however, work more than 40 hours. The job may also include working night and weekend hours to accommodate building timelines and schedules.

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