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Travel Job Overview Holidays and travel are major parts of modern life and the travel industry encompasses almost all ...

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Travel Job Overview

Holidays and travel are major parts of modern life and the travel industry encompasses almost all aspects of travel and leisure, including sub-sectors like transportation, hospitality, events, services and visitor information. All of these aspects need to be taken into consideration when planning a trip or holiday, and a significant amount of assistance may be required along the way. As a result, the travel industry houses a wide number of different occupations and career opportunities. Examples of popular travel-based jobs include roles like travel agents, air crew members and travel guides, although there are many more career paths to choose from.

Travel Job Education Requirements

Many jobs within the travel industry do not have high entry requirements and most do not require a university degree. As a result, roles like travel agents and holiday reps are a good choice for someone with a more basic level of education. Indeed, statistics show that less than half of all travel agents have a bachelor's degree or higher. That said, those with a high level of academic achievement within geography will be at an advantage when applying for jobs. This is much the same with flight attendants and similar roles, however, many occupations within the travel industry will require applicants to complete a fairly long-term training program.

Travel Job Market

Due to the fact that more businesses now operate on a global scale, the travel industry is seen as a fairly safe career choice, with a good long-term future. That said, numerous factors, including the increase in internet-based bookings, are expected to lead to a decline in the number of travel agents over the next ten years, while other roles, including flight attendants and pilots, are also expected to decline in numbers. On the other hand, job opportunities as a travel guide are projected to increase over the same time period.

Travel Job Salary Information

The median of some of the most popular occupations within the travel industry are listed below:
  • Travel Agents - $16.83 per hour
  • Travel Guides - $12.75 per hour
  • Flight Attendants - $20.00 per hour
  • Pilots and Flight Engineers - $33.58 per hour
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