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Welding Jobs in Edmonton, AB Overview The capital of Alberta, Edmonton is the second-largest city in the province and ...

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Welding Jobs in Edmonton, AB Overview

The capital of Alberta, Edmonton is the second-largest city in the province and the fifth-largest city in Canada. Edmonton is an economic and cultural centre for central and northern Alberta as well as a major centre for the gas and oil industry. In GDP growth, Edmonton and Alberta have significantly outperformed Canada as a whole, according to City of Edmonton's statistics.

Welding job seekers in Edmonton can look forward to various opportunities in many thriving career tracks, including shipbuilding, manufacturing jobs in Edmonton, AB, and construction jobs in Edmonton, AB. Common job duties of welders include:

  • Studying specs, blueprints, and sketches
  • Maintaining welding machinery and equipment
  • Lighting torches or starting power sources
  • Overseeing the welding process to prevent overheating
  • Inspecting items that need welding.

Welders typically learn their trades through an apprenticeship after high school. For welding jobs in Edmonton, AB, you must either be registered as a welding apprentice or a certified journeyperson in Alberta. In Alberta, the apprenticeship for welding is three years long, with at least 1,560 hours of on-the-job training and eight weeks of technical training every year.

Welding Job Market in Edmonton, AB

According to the Government of Alberta, welders work in various industries, including structural steel or vessel assembly, commercial and industrial construction, pipeline construction, steel fabrication, and repair of heavy equipment and machinery.

The job opportunities for welders can fluctuate with economic and seasonal changes. Welders with enough experience may get promoted to positions like a welding supervisor or foreperson, welding inspector, or plant supervisor. Some welders open their own shops or work as portable rig welders on an independent contractor basis.

Welding Job Salaries in Edmonton, AB

The Government of Alberta estimates the hourly wages of a journeyperson at C$25 to C$40 plus benefits. According to Service Canada, the average salary for a welder or related machine operator is C$42,100.

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