Engineering Careers

Engineering Careers Overview

Engineering Careers Overview

Working as an engineer might be a good fit if you love building things or at least planning the construction process. There are many types of engineer jobs available in Canada. Civil engineers complete tasks related to building or repairing structures. Some specialize by working as environmental engineers or municipal engineers. You might also find a career as a mechanical engineer where you're responsible for designing and developing heating and air conditioning systems, manufacturing processes and more.

Electrical and electronics engineers often work for communications and utilities companies to test and produce related systems. Finally, chemical engineers work to create and improve the processes used to make things ranging from pharmaceuticals to mass-produced foods. While working as an engineer in Canada, you may find work in places like a construction firm, research facility, or government agency. Self-employment opportunities also exist.

Engineering Career Education

A bachelor's degree in engineering is necessary, and some employers may require you to hold a master's degree in a related discipline. You must also earn licensure from a professional engineering association to approve engineering drawings. Supervised work experience and satisfactory grades on written examinations are two other common educational requirements to meet if you're interested in engineer careers.

Engineering Career Job Market

According to projection data, the number of job seekers versus the amount of available positions will be about equal through 2020. Employment growth opportunities should grow stronger because Canada is rapidly transitioning to a knowledge-based economy. However, if you're a Canadian citizen, note that many immigrants are working as engineers in the country, since the current immigration policy is favorable to highly skilled candidates.

Engineering Career Salaries

On average, Canadian engineers earn C$37.00 before taxes. However, that amount varies greatly among provinces depending on how much demand there is in a particular location, whether there are unions influencing how much workers get paid, and if an applicant has worked particularly hard to continually grow his or her skills to stay competitive.

Although engineering methods and techniques constantly evolve, a person who behaves proactively to stay abreast of innovations might find it easier to command a higher salary or at least be able to enjoy a greater amount of choice among employers and types of work. If you're ready to earn a living doing something you love, a career in engineering might help you change your life for the better.


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