Quality Assurance Careers

Quality Assurance Careers Overview

Quality Assurance Careers Overview

Many different companies throughout the country rely on quality assurance analysts and testers to make sure that products meet quality standards. Those working in these positions play important roles in maintaining safe products and eliminating problems. QA careers are also available in technology companies, where employees will test the functionality of software, hardware and other components. Daily job duties might include:

  • Creating a plan with steps from product completion to full scope of testing.
  • Managing staff members who are executing the test plan.
  • Testing every feature and phase of the product.
  • Identifying potential issues and reporting them to production.

Quality Assurance Career Education

For most QA careers, candidates must have at least a degree or Higher National Diploma. Those with an interest in working in quality assurance may want to take courses and focus their education in subjects such as business management, food sciences and technology, process engineering, chemistry, production engineering or textile technology. Courses in these areas will provide more knowledge and understanding of a product’s makeup and what might go wrong during production. Experience is also valuable to potential employers, so look for opportunities to work in quality assurance while studying.

Quality Assurance Career Job Market

As companies continue to grow and expand their product lines, quality assurance professionals become more important. There are several different positions available, such as working in production quality assurance or quality assurance and safety. According to statistics, quality assurance jobs may not grow substantially over the next few years, but companies will seek candidates with more knowledge and experience as the federal regulations become more strict. Providing quality assurance is an important step for businesses that want to avoid legal problems by selling goods and services that do not meet their own standards or governmental standards.

Quality Assurance Career Salaries

Those working in computer quality assurance positions earn an annual average of C$52,194. A quality assurance manager earns an average salary of C$67,739 per year. Candidates who have skills and experience in working with Linux, Software Test, Oracle, and Test Automation can often qualify for a higher starting salary. Those with more experience in the field can earn higher wages. In order to become a quality assurance manager, a candidate must have good communication and interpersonal skills, since he or she will be overseeing the daily operations of other staff members. Work experience plays a key role in the salary.