6 Success Secrets From A Canadian ITC Executive

6 Success Secrets From A Canadian ITC Executive

Who is Andy Chen? He’s president & CEO of Catronic Enterprises, a consulting firm for the utility industry worldwide. Andy has more than 20 years of ITC experience. He serves as chair of IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS) Professional Education Board IT Committee. In that role he analyzes demand for skills of ITC professionals today and in the future job market.


Mr. Chen has some excellent advice about career growth for Information Technology and Communications professionals:


1.    Change is good:
Always be ready for reorganization, mergers and outsourcing. Focus on the company’s bottom line and company needs. Volunteer your time whenever possible.

2.    Build your brand:
Get things done quickly and put out small fires before they rage into huge problems.

3.    Make every encounter count:
Ask yourself, “Who did I help today and are they in a better state after spending time with me?” Target to helping others solve their problems.

4.    Practice to be a good manager:
Avoid the “victim mentality of if only ….” Focus on what you can do and strive to be a great manager and leader – the roles are different.

5.    Listen before you talk:
Listen first and talk only if you can help. Follow the maxim that “people will not argue with their own idea.”

6.    Expect the best but prepare for the worst:
Watch out for Murphy’s Law. If everything seems to be going well, then you have overlooked something. “Begin with the end in mind.”


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