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Answering Why Should We Keep You?

Mark Swartz · Jan. 14, 2019

Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, had to justify his job constantly. Could you explain yours – and the value you add – if it meant avoiding the boot? Comes a time your boss might ask why your ass shouldn’t get canned. Like after you’ve screwed up majorly. Or the company’s cleaning house: sweeping away dead wood, decluttering redundancies. Speaking of Houses, the one Sir John A. Macdonald oversaw is Parliament. First Prime Minister of Canada, he was, back in 1867. Bet your jodhpurs he had to justify his job. Most folks didn’t know a legislature from horse manure.

VR and AR and The Future of Work

Mark Swartz · Jan. 9, 2019

The stuff of SciFi no longer augmented and virtual reality may affect how your job’s done. If wearing bulky headgear to watch 3D video cranks ya, you’ll love what’s coming to workplaces. Virtual Reality (VR) makes simulations a snap. Augmented Reality (AR) puts reams of data at eye level. This type of tech is popular with gamers. Because it’s still clunky and uber pricey, it won’t migrate to workplaces overnight. When it does here’s what to expect.

8 Worst New Years Resolutions For Work

Steve Mahoney · Jan. 4, 2019

If you make them just to break ‘em, give it a rest. New Year’s fresh face is peeking around the corner. Time for our fave annual self-delusion: making resolutions there’s no hope in hell of keeping. If you’re hooked on committing to professional improvement, at least ignore hokey pledges most folk break as fast as they make.

Where The Jobs Were In 2018

Mark Swartz · Jan. 2, 2019

It was kind of a mixed year for job growth, with some clouds and bright spots coming up. This past year was meh for Canadian employment. Overall about 220,000 net jobs were added. That’s an increase of about 1.2% in a dozen months. Bizarrely almost half of that came in November alone. Anyway, our labour force grew by 175,000 people in that same period. So really job growth covered that and a bit more. On the plus side, almost all the added positions turned out to be full-time.

Fitting In When You’re As Different As Aquaman

Neil MacIntosh · Dec. 17, 2018

Your workplace is like Atlantis. If you want to be accepted get out of your bubble. Feel awkward as a one of a kinder at work? Imagine finding out you’re half sea creature, half human! Bet Aquaman got filleted by colleagues after outing his gills. Your own way of being different – be it race, ethnicity, gender, disability, wardrobe or looks – sets you apart. Not as much as fins would mind you. Still, it can seem like you’re a fish out of water. If anxious to fit in better, stop swimming against the tide. Learn to adopt norms that can help you feel more accepted.

What to wear to your office holiday party

Sasha Johnson · Dec. 17, 2018

When it comes to festive gatherings, the office party is arguably the trickiest to navigate. Aside from monitoring your eggnog intake to ensure you’re charming Becky from accounting and not telling her what you really think of her new haircut, there’s the inevitable transition from nine-to-five to partywear. For men, going from the boardroom to the bar is a no-brainer. Of course, you’ll want to step up your game this time of year, considering your festive get-together is basically an invitation to sartorially outshine your office rival. For women, the changeover isn’t as straightforward. You’ll want to look polished, but not too professional. Celebratory, but not seductive. To top it off, there’s the puzzling dress code “clarification” email that circulated. “Holiday spirit,” “festive dressy,” and “smart casual” do little to illuminate the sartorial conundrum. To help you get through the season in style, we’ve rounded up the very best desk-appropriate costume changes. This year, you can leave your Santa hat at home.

Stand out in the season’s strongest styles

Sasha Johnson · Dec. 10, 2018

Just like in work, when it comes to dressing, monotony is a dangerous thing. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine – and consequently, lost in a sea of suits. Don’t let your old habits hold you back. This winter, break free from the corporate mould with the season’s sharpest silhouettes. Unexpected pairings, daring plaids and warm tones are the pieces that will get you noticed. Here’s our guide to standing out – and getting ahead – in style.

Getting High At The Office Holiday Party

Mark Swartz · Dec. 7, 2018

It may be legal to use marijuana at company festivities but do so inoffensively. ‘Tis the season to be merry-juana. So should you partake of herb at your office party? Everyone else is getting sloshed; it only seems fitting. Thing is if you’re going to get stoned there observe the etiquette. Being buzzed among coworkers and bosses poses some different perils than boozing.

Rework your office style with winter’s best updates

Sasha Johnson · Dec. 3, 2018

This winter, don’t let office-appropriate dress codes stand in the way or your sartorial stardom. While it’s true, even confident dressers approach the morning ‘what to wear?’ routine with dread, facing your closet doesn’t have to feel like a walk to the boss’s office. This season’s key new styles are workwear saviours. Think sophisticated fabrics like tweed, heritage prints, and voluminous wide-leg trousers. Whether you’re in a buttoned-up boardroom or a casual start-up, they’re the hero pieces that will polish in a pinch. Plus, they don’t require any extra effort so you can focus on what matters. And of course, look great doing it.

Can Employers Force You To Only Say Nice Things About Them?

Mark Swartz · Nov. 22, 2018

Non-disparagement clauses hold workers back from criticizing the company, during or after employment. Or do they? So I’m reading a U.S. magazine, and my eyeballs pop at this headline: Staffers at Company X Can Never Say Anything Bad About the Employer Ever Again. Say what? What dropped my jaw was “Ever Again.” Seems staff were asked to sign a “non-disparagement” clause, hardly rare. But this one forbids public dissing till earth stops whirling. Even if they’ve treated you like scum. Struck me as savagely restrictive. So I checked into Canada’s rules. Found out that if included in your employment contract, this kind of clause might – or might not – be enforceable here.

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