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Project Plan The Way Canada’s NHL Teams Do

Steve Mahoney · Oct. 10, 2018

An NHL season’s plotted in stages, with goals, resources and managed expectations. Sound familiar? Go Canucks go! Carry on, Canadiens! The 2018 NHL season’s in force. With it comes valuable lessons on how teams design their tactics, gather resources and leverage collaboration. Seems a hell of a lot like project planning. Your own projects won’t start with a puck drop in October, or end with a Stanley Cup in June. Yet no matter if yours takes a few days or more than eight months, follow the steps Canada’s hockey squads do.

A Star Is Born Shatters 5 Dream Job Chasing Myths

Mark Swartz · Oct. 4, 2018

Go Gaga when going after a passion career, but don’t look away from this movie’s messages. Love Cinderella? A Star Is Born’s latest remake pays homage. Complete with evil meanies (no stepsisters though) and a fairy-tale rescue, its core’s about wishing for a dream job, This time Lady Gaga (aka Ms. Stefani Germanotta) plays Ally, an unknown bun-nosed waitress, plucked from obscurity into music’s dizzying heights. Her prince is Jackson (Brad Cooper), a broke down fabled singer. Aside from retelling an enchanting story, the film shatters plenty of myths about pursuing your passion career.

Flip Your Work Bitching Into Positive Changes

Neil MacIntosh · Oct. 1, 2018

Who the hell wants to hear you complain? Channel your harsh feelings into improving conditions. Do you want to get your ass fired? Moping around all bitchy at work. Complaining constantly. Not lifting a finger to try and fix your issues. Won’t take long for others to clue. Some’ll defriend your miserable hiney. Then the boss criticizes your sucky attitude. Hey, you’re halfway out the door!

Skills Needed For The 2025 Manager

Mark Swartz · Sep. 27, 2018

Get ready for meta-cognition, AI integration and other emerging aptitudes. Hey there modern managers! You’re so damned up to date. Brimming with emotional intelligence. A master at communicating. And tech-savvy? All your mobile apps auto-sync to teamware. Who cares what a recent major study by Royal Bank says; how massive skills changes will slam Canadian jobs by 2025. No one’s more future-proof than you. That said, maybe curb the hubris a tad. Experts predict managers will need some magnum new talents.

7 Rules To Break When Job Hunting

Mark Swartz · Sep. 24, 2018

Sometimes you need to cast aside conventional advice when trying to get noticed. Phones off! No phubbing in a job interview. Prepare like crazy cuz the struggle is real. Those are some rules to respect when looking for work. But is every guideline carved in stone? Not if you’re up for stepping outside the box sometimes. Especially when the job ad clearly says “Do (or don’t do) the following!” There’s some risk – and potential reward – when ignoring norms. Here’s seven and why to consider ‘em optional.

5 Tips To Mastering A Side Hustle In Less Than A Fortnite

Neil MacIntosh · Sep. 19, 2018

Already got a full-time job? Earn extra cash in the peer-to-peer marketplace by following a simple plan. Doing a side hustle’s kind of like playing Fortnite: Battle Royale. OK, so no blowing your enemy to smithereens. But you do get to execute some killa dance steps much like in the game. We’re talking how to sell your services or stuff freelance, on top of your full-time job (or work hunt). Car jockeying strangers for Uber or Lyft nights. Renting out your spare room via AirBnB. Flogging your skills on sites like Guru, Upwork or Fiverr.

Can I Talk About Pay With Colleagues?

Mark Swartz · Sep. 14, 2018

There’s no law in Canada that says you can’t. But if you do, beware the landmines. Pay’s right up there with politics, religion and race as minefield topics at work. People tiptoe around them ‘cause they’re laced with tripwires. Except your dying to know if Keisha (your rival) or Randall (the owner’s moronic nephew) are pulling down bigger bucks than you. Hacking into HR’s data is out of the question. And company policy forbids pay chats among workers.

Combine Writing And IT Know-How As A Technical Storyteller

Mark Swartz · Sep. 11, 2018

Combine Writing And IT Know-How As A Technical Storyteller These multi-talents scribbles and yak about what techies produce, in language that rouses non-geeks. “Storyteller” used to be a synonym for full of @rap. Now it’s the buzzword in job ads for marketing communications. Apply this to the tech world for a niche IT career. Tech storytellers are part public relations guru, writer and public speaker, with an undercoat of nerd. A dope combo, much in demand.

Top 5 Ways To Quantify Results On Your Resume

Mark Swartz · Sep. 6, 2018

Forgot to name numbers when describing results? Add them into razzle-dazzle recruiters. Lies. Damn Lies. And stats. Keep the first two the hell away from your resume: fibbing could get your ass thrown to the curb. Statistics, on the other hand – numbers, percentages, rankings – make recruiters drool. Quantifying deeds shines a spotlight on results. Employers love hiring achievers, especially proven ones. Metrics are the Holy Grail. Here are the top five ways to use ‘em.

Get Your Employer’s Help To Support Your Favourite Charity

Steve Mahoney · Aug. 27, 2018

If you don’t ask, for sure, you won’t secure donation matching, exposure in company communications, and more. You’ve got a cause your gung-ho about. On your own, you’re a drop in the bucket booster-wise. What a super splash you’d make with your employer’s backing. That might be achievable, so long as there’s a registered charity to support, and it’s not something divisive like religious beliefs, abortion, or a “save the Trump children” fund.

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