Holiday Hiring In Retail Despite 2015 Challenges

Holiday Hiring In Retail Despite 2015 Challenges

Retail consultant Ed Strapagiel is being a bit of a Grinch this year. He’s forecast a challenging holiday season shopping climate.


“It now appears that retail sales growth is past its peak and is moderating just in time for Christmas,” Strapagiel wrote. “The Canadian economy is not poised to help. GDP growth has been below expectations so far in 2015, increases in exports due to the low Canadian dollar are not materializing as quickly as hoped, and the unemployment rate has crawled back up to 7.1 per cent.”


Some of the savings we’ve seen from lower energy prices are being offset by higher retail prices, says Costs have been pushed up by higher import expenses thanks to a lower Loonie.


What does this mean if you’re seeking a holiday season job in retail? Focus on major merchandisers, plus sectors that are doing better than the rest.


In practical terms, look to the large department stores, big box outlets and mass merchandisers. They always bulk up this time of year. The most popular positions? Cashiers, shelf stockers, customer service representatives and gift wrappers.


There are even cool holiday jobs offered. Many retailers hire seasonal characters to help bolster sales. A good Santa, or elfen photo takers, can draw in more customers. Be a “Secret Shopper” to spot shoplifters and help with loss prevention. In-store demonstrators hawk everything from foods to vacuum cleaners.


These jobs are great for students or retirees looking for extra bucks. And when the season’s over, here are tips on how to convert that temporary job into a real one.

Consider your options. Then be sure to check out’s retail job postings.

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