Careers in Fashion...Off the Catwalk!

Careers in Fashion...Off the Catwalk!

Whatever your style, you’re likely to find a perfect fit!

If you’re a style aficionado, you may have contemplated working in the fashion industry. The good news is that even if parading down the runway on stilettos isn’t your thing, there are other avenues you can consider to pursue your passion. The fashion business in Canada is booming, with myriad career opportunities for savvy fashionistas, whatever your calling.  

The more traditional career paths in fashion include fashion merchandising, sales and marketing, advertising, production management and styling. Below are a few less orthodox ways to follow your dream in style.

Fashion blogger
Blogging is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re a ferociously good writer who has a knack for words, with great discipline and endurance and you’re a digital native, this may be the job for you. There are many hundreds of fashion blogs in the blogosphere, but the blogs that offer something different can gain huge popularity and have followings in the thousands, pushing their brands to the forefront. A twist on traditional journalism, blogging is partly about the topic, but mostly about editorial planning, content curation, SEO and creativity.


PR and communications manager                                             
If you are adept at multitasking, diplomatic and know how to write headlines that make people stop and take notice, then you could have a future in fashion PR and communications. This is a challenging career that calls on professionals to combine their skills in writing, strategic planning, event management and client relations. PR and communications also requires someone who’s very organized and great at problem solving, but there are huge potential rewards including the odd fashion perk, meeting the occasional celebrity, and decent pay, all while performing a variety of different activities at work, in an exciting fast-paced environment. 


Social media/Community manager
If you find you’re the first to upload, like, share, post and comment on fashion news, a fast-paced role as a fashion-focused social media manager could be your calling. As a social media manager, you’ll be at the heart of the action, and you’ll be at the controls, helping manage a brand’s public face, online. This position is perfect for someone who loves being in the thick of things, has great written communication skills and is a mean multi-tasker with a high degree of digital savvy. Add a dash of strategy, SEO, analytics, research and a deep passion for fashion and you’ve got the makings of a great social media manager.     

Costume designer With the fast growth of “Hollywood North”, film production in Canada has taken a firm foothold offering great job opportunities in the seventh art. Add the burgeoning theatre industry in Canada, and you’ll find some great opportunities to work in both film and theatre in metropolitan areas across the country. This is a demanding, rewarding career, and one that is central to the success of any production. Designers are called on to work collaboratively with the wider team, including the director, in design and material selection too. Responsibilities include managing budgets and scheduling costume creation, from preliminary measurements and first tests of fittings, to handing and maintaining final costumes.

Textile Designer
Winter, summer, fall… these aren’t seasons, their colour palettes, right? If have an eye for design and know the difference between percale and sateen, why not transfer your skills as a graphic artist to a different canvas and help make the world a better place by designing textiles? Textile designers dedicate their time to working on soft goods, designing the patterns and colours on the materials used for clothes, upholstery, drapes, bedding, accessories and everything in between, (the sky’s the limit!) They are an integral part of the design team and play a key role in the creative process. Textile designers should be great team players with sharp technical skills, an eye for detail and a knack for seeing how all the pieces fit together in the big picture to communicate a look or feel and help tell a brand story.


The fashion business is a universe unto itself and there are vast and varied facets within this industry to suit many different skills and interests. If you find your curiosity was piqued by these positions, a career in fashion could be in your future. The world is your oyster when it comes to working in fashion and, clearly, there’s no limit to the possibilities in this realm. And, with influential Canadian fashion mavens doing the groundwork to promote our home-grown talent, you won’t have to stray far to find the job of your dreams!

If you’re a snappy dresser, an avid shopper, or you simply appreciate beauty and style and would love to make this passion a bigger part of your life, your next step is to explore the possibilities on

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