Retail Job Opportunities In Online Locatability

Read about how online locatability has created retail jobs in marketing and technology.

Retail Job Opportunities In Online Locatability
If you’re interested in a retail career path, here’s an issue you might want to know about. Online locatability for store locations outlets has become a big deal. 
At present, 80% of local listings for Canada's top retailers are inaccurate. That’s according to a recent study by Meditative, the digital marketing arm of Yellow Pages Group.
This means there’s a growth opportunity for job seekers in marketing or web/mobile technology.  Even the best merchandisers need people who understand this changing landscape.
“Retailers today are just not adapting to the way that the new mobile, local and social consumer is evolving,” said Chris Pinkerton, vice-president, client development for Mediative. “Businesses need to think about how they can be found in a different way than they used to be found.”
Today nearly 90% Canadian smartphone users search for local information. Two thirds of consumers use smartphones to find store locations. Yet of Canada’s top 25 retailers, very fewonly a couple are at an acceptable level of locatability.
For instance, an average of 80% of all third-party site listings (e.g. Yelp, Google Maps, Foursquare, etc.) are “inconsistent, inaccurate, or missing information.” Only 8% of map pin placements were “good” with 92% being “fair” or “poor.”
This is important because when a customer looks up location info, they are well into the purchase cycle. Google estimates that half of customers who perform a local search visit the store within a day. Or a competitor’s outlet, if unable to find what they originally looked for.
Retail job candidates in marketing and technology can help provide solutions. Listings management is one factorway to do so. “This involves sending accurate location information to prime sources to ensure accuracy, visibility and consistency,” says Pinkerton.
So what increases a retailer’s visibility? Listings management is one factor. “This involves sending accurate location information to prime sources to ensure accuracy, visibility and consistency,” says Pinkerton.
Another contributor approach is rich media on the location listing. Leading retailers go beyond publishing the name, address, phone number and hours for each location. One leading top retailer merchandiser also displays local flyers and offers, directions, services provided, brands available, photos, and more,” said the Meditative study. Video is another element that could be added. 
Want to make a difference in the changing landscapesetting of retail? Check out these retail job listings and set up an alert to bring the postings to you.

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