Marketing Careers

Marketing Careers Overview

Marketing Careers Overview

People in marketing careers promote products and services that cater to various target audiences. They must use many types of media through which to communicate, including print sources, the Internet, television advertisements, and radio spots. Some marketers may also be involved in research to find out what members of a target audience really want. That often involves doing surveys and tests to form educated assumptions about how well a product or service will do once it's available in an already crowded marketplace. If you're fascinated by the factors that motivate people to buy things, a career in the marketing world might be a great fit for you.

Marketing Career Education

If you're interested in looking into marketing careers, you'll likely need a college degree in a subject such as communications, public relations, journalism, or business marketing. Choosing a career in public relations often requires an Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) designation, too. Because certain sectors of the marketing industry can be extremely competitive, it's a good idea to think about pursuing internships early on in a marketing career. Those can help you network with others, and may make it easier to get your foot in the door at a prestigious firm.

Marketing Career Job Market

Analysts expect job prospects to be fair for people in marketing management positions throughout most of the provinces. In Prince Edward Island, for example, the outlook is good. Unfortunately, marketing jobs are very limited in Saskatchewan. Opportunities improve overall for people willing to work with digital media and not just hard-copy media, which is not as prominent as in past decades. You should find it easier to stay competitive by being proactive and attending conferences or taking continuing education courses to stay abreast of emerging marketing methods and technologies.

Marketing Career Salaries

On average, marketing managers earn C$36.06 hourly. By choosing a career as a marketing analyst, you should expect to earn a slightly lower wage of C$28.21 per hour. However, if you decide to work as a market researcher in Alberta, the median wage is C$31.79 per hour. Opportunities to earn more tend to become more frequent the longer you've worked in the industry, and the more education or expertise you have. If you're someone who likes to be on the cutting edge of marketing trends, your salary potential might rise if you're successfully able to start marketing a product or service through an innovative medium.