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The Pros And Cons Of Discussing Salaries At Work

Pira Kumarasamy · May. 23, 2018

Should we talk salaries at work? Actors from the hit series The Crown recently made headlines for income disparity between the two lead characters. Let’s face it – no one should make more than the Queen, but that’s just what happened when it came to light that star Claire Foy was earning less for her role as Queen Elizabeth than Matt Smith, who plays Prince Philip.

Top 7 Signs Your Employer Is In Trouble

Mark Swartz · May. 14, 2018

Companies in distress may try to hide it. Doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to spot the clues. When working for a nosediving company, would you rather wear a blindfold or x-ray specs? With the blindfolders, going ostrich does the trick. See no evil, hear no evil, blah blah. X-ray peeps look deep into the malaise for signs to scram.

Great Jobs In IT With A College Diploma

Neil MacIntosh · Apr. 24, 2018

Decent salary. Nice perks. No advanced degree needed. That's how lots of InfoTech roles roll. For so many IT jobs, university degrees are overkill. A couple years in college can reap big rewards. In your face, B.A.'s and Masters! A certificate or diploma can be just as coveted.

Make Everyday Earth Day At Work

Joanne Richard · Apr. 20, 2018

We're a nation of wasters! Endless sheets of office paper, disposable cups, and plastic bottles are mindlessly discarded. Stats report that the average office worker uses 500 coffee cups per year! And add in 10,000 sheets of paper!

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